“Waiting On Christmas” is a new holiday classic

“‘Waiting On Christmas’ by J. Robert Spencer is charming and heartfelt. It deserves to become a Christmas standard in its own right, and it garners two giant thumbs up!”

– Markos Papadatos, DigitalJournal.com

NEW YORK – From Tony Award nominee J. Robert Spencer comes the new holiday classic “Waiting on Christmas” just in time for 2019. The single is being released on Thanksgiving for digital download and streaming on all major platforms.

“Waiting On Christmas” lands comfortably in the space between a Norman Rockwell holiday scene and the Griswolds with a playful nature that echoes traditional Christmas songs.

“There’s a ritual at the Spencer-household where we sit around the tree and want to feel that old school nostalgia,” J. Robert said, noting that the new holiday songs just didn’t have that vibe like he had growing up; Santa, reindeer, family and giving. “Our favorites were always the traditional songs from Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole and Andy Williams.”

Spencer recorded “Waiting On Christmas” at Rockhouse Productions in St. Joseph, Minnesota. The studio is operated by his touring manager Jeff Vee, the son of late ’60s rock icon Bobby Vee.

The fifth-grade girls choir from St. Agatha’s in Portland, Oregon, also lent their angelic voices to the track.

J. Robert with the St. Agatha's Girls Choir
J. Robert Spencer with the St. Agatha’s Girls Choir.

With the essence of Christmas and the season of giving, a portion of the proceeds from “Waiting On Christmas” will be donated to help with the Annual Appeal for St. John’s The Baptist School in Milwaukie, Oregon.

Waiting On Christmas - Single

Recording credits
Noah Levy – Drums
Tommy Vee – Bass
George Maurer – Piano
Dan Neale – Guitar
Jeff Engholm – Trombone
Rich Witteman -Trumpet
Mike Anderson – Sax
St. Agatha Catholic School fifth-grade girls choir – Backing Vocals

Music arrangement and orchestration by Daniel M. Lincoln.

Recorded at Rockhouse Productions, St. Joseph, Minnesota, by Thomas Cabot. St. Agatha choir recorded by Marcus Barczak in Portland, Oregon.

Artwork by Adam Hammer. 

Special Thanks:
St. Agatha Catholic School Principal Chris Harris
St. Agatha fifth-grade girls choir
Rockhouse Productions
Carolyn Miller

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